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Disgraced DUP MP Iris Robinson sends love note to Peter

Iris Robinson sent her First Minister husband a Valentine’s Day card last month, a DUP meeting has heard.

While the shamed Strangford MP receives counselling at a medical facility, husband Peter has revealed that he is also being courted by a “lady” from Dublin.

Peter Robinson revealed the battle for his affections to party members at a meeting in South Down two weeks ago, according to the Sunday Life.

He told the DUP faithful that he had received more St Valentine’s Day cards than complaints about devolving policing and justice.

Mr Robinson said he received just one letter of complaint to his offices about devolving Policing and Justice powers to Stormont but he’d received twice as many Valentine’s cards.

“He told us that one of the cards was from Iris and the second one was from a lady in Dublin.

“He said he was a bit suspicious that a card would arrive from Dublin but took the risk of opening it and discovered it was a Valentine’s card. We all had a laugh,” one of those present said.

The First Minister didn’t divulge what the card from Dublin said and gave no details about the card he received from Iris — who cheated on him with 19-year-old toyboy Kirk McCambley.

The meeting in South Down MLA Jim Wells’ constituency took place in February and was one of a series of meetings the DUP leader undertook to assure party supporters that devolving policing and justice powers to the Executive is a sensible policy step.

Iris Robinson remains under medical care following the mental breakdown she suffered after her affair with young businessman Kirk McCambley became worldwide news.

The DUP has maintained that she remains very ill and requires round-the-clock medical attention and is in a fragile mental state because of the hurt and damage she has caused her family.

In a television interview the First Minister indicated that he would consider the options for his marriage when the time was appropriate.

His admission that Iris sent him a Valentine’s card may be a small indication that his wife is improving.

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