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Disney holiday boy (5) drowns in pool

A boy from Londonderry has drowned in a swimming pool near the Disneyland resort in France.

The five-year-old, who is believed to be from the city, had only recently arrived at the world famous resort in Paris when the accident happened.

Colum Canning was staying at the Explorers Hotel near the resort when he fell into the pool.

He was quickly discovered and lifted out of the pool, but he had already lost consciousness.

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said: “I think the sympathies of the entire community are with the family over what appears to be a very tragic accident.”

The DUP Minister for Culture added: “I'm sure the thoughts and prayers of the family's friends and colleagues will comfort them at this terrible time.”

Colum was on a family holiday to Disneyland. He has a twin brother.

It is believed he fell into the hotel's pool shortly after arriving at the resort on Thursday.

Foyle MLA Mary Bradley said: “Our thoughts are with the family. His mother and father, and their extended family.

“As far as I know he was away on a holiday before Christmas when this terrible tragedy happened.

“It seems even worse at this time of year and also because it was a child.

“I hope that God will get them through this.

“I know the family are very upset and I hope that they will soon get their little boy home.

She added: “It is so sad at this time of year and this is something that no one thinks will happen to them.”

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