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Dissident republicans blamed for attack on ex-deputy mayor's home

By Clare Weir

Dissident republicans have been blamed for an attack on the home of a former deputy mayor of Londonderry whose son serves in the PSNI.

The MP for the area has called the culprits "small and cowardly".

The home of Liam Bradley at Lone Moor Road in the Brandywell area of the city was shot at, showering the hallway in glass, while accelerant, thought to be petrol and cooking oil, was poured through the front door, although this did not ignite.

A window of the family car was also smashed.

The incident was not far from where former Policing Board vice-chairman Denis Bradley (no relation) was assaulted by a man at Mailey's Bar in September 2005.

And in the nearby Bogside, the home of SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey, who has now moved to the east bank for the safety of his young daughter, was repeatedly targeted.

Sources say that graffiti threatening violence against Liam Bradley's son also appeared in the area days before the attack, which occured at 1am yesterday morning, although it is not thought that Mr Bradley Junior lives at the address.

Liam Bradley was not at home yesterday and wife Marie said the family did not wish to comment.

Foyle SDLP MP Mark Durkan said those behind the attack were "small and cowardly". "Liam and Marie are a strong family but they are understandably very shaken by this," he said.

"Anyone who knows them knows how solid they are and will join me in condemning this attack. There is speculation that dissidents are behind this and that is not something a lot of people would argue with," he said.

"The people who did this are not proving anything - they prove they can pick on vulnerable, easy targets with their violence, their guns and their devices but they need to prove whether they can cope with peace and good order, which the majority of people in Derry want."


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