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Dissidents in threat to ex-UDR soldiers

Over a dozen former members of the Ulster Defence Regiment in the Mid Ulster area have been warned that they are being targeted by dissident republicans.

Ten of the former soldiers met the PSNI’s divisional commander for the area Superintendent Brian Kee in Cookstown on Wednesday to discuss the latest threat to their safety.

It is understood the former UDR men have been under surveillance by dissident republicans since late last year and one has now moved to Scotland because of the stress caused to his family by the threat.

Another has been moved from his home under the SPED scheme but his new address is understood to have been discovered by the dissidents.

Willie Frazer, who attended the Cookstown meeting with Ulster Unionist councillor Trevor Wilson, said the development underlined the continuing danger from dissident republicans and the Government’s failure to protect those who had served their country.

“Some of these men have served Britain for 25 years and now they’re being told they can’t even have a firearm again to protect themselves and their families.

“The most they’ve been promised is what the PSNI calls passing attention from a mobile patrol if they have one in the area near their homes.

It’s absolutely scandalous,” the FAIR founder claimed.

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