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Dissidents renew vow on British withdrawal

Republican splinter group eirigi has said it has rededicated itself to achieving a “British withdrawal” from Northern Ireland.

In a New Year statement issued last night the group, which formed in 2006, said the way to achieve its aims was through “uncompromising active resistance”.

Chairperson Brian Leeson said: “eirigi rededicates itself to the achievement of a British withdrawal from the occupied Six Counties and the establishment of a 32-County Democratic Socialist Republic.

“It is clear that the process of normalisation of the Six Counties has now peaked. Indeed, this process is now crumbling under the weight of its own contradictions.”

In the statement Mr Leeson also criticises both the Dublin and Northern Ireland governments for the poor economic situation and the impact it has had on the public.

“As 2010 dawns Ireland, more then ever, needs a radical mass movement that will represent one class in society — the working people — and which will adopt but one attitude to the British occupation — that of uncompromising active resistance,” he said.

“For its part eirigi remains fully committed to playing an active roll in that mass movement for the achievement of justice and freedom in Ireland.”

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