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Domestic abuse: Three cases of shocking brutality

Teen suffered humiliating sexual abuse

Laura Forest was subjected to what a judge described as "a depraved and humiliating period of sexual and physical abuse".

Laura waived her right to anonymity to speak out about the abuse she suffered – over a three-year period beginning in April 2006 when she was just 15 – at the hands of Rodney Joseph Campbell from Limavady, who was in his 30s when the abuse began.

As well as sex abuse, Campbell dipped her head in cooking oil, stubbed out a cigarette on her body, ripped out her earring, causing injury to her ear, and regularly throttled her, causing her to black out. He was jailed for 12 years at Londonderry Crown Court on January 8.

'She clawed my face. I still have the scars'

Domestic abuse is not confined to male on female violence. More men are reporting physical abuse at the hands of women.

Brian* (38) shared his experience of domestic abuse at the hands of the mother of his four children.

"She told me I was skinny, dire-looking and ugly. One night she came down the stairs and smashed a glass all over the floor. Then she flew for my face – that was what she always went for.

"She clawed her nails down my face and tore it apart – and I had to go to work in that state. But nobody questioned me. No one paid any interest to me. I've still got the scars."

'If it had gone on longer, he'd have killed me'

Jenny* (40) was supported by Women's Aid after leaving her abusive husband. "It would happen without any warning, that was the scary thing. It was just like he snapped.

"Losing my home was traumatic for me. I left with nothing except a suitcase of clothes after 18 years of marriage, but I knew I had to go because it was getting too dangerous for me. He was drinking a lot.

"If it had gone on much longer, he would have killed me.

"I went to live in a Women's Aid refuge for six months and then an aftercare house supported by Women's Aid for another year, before I managed to secure social housing."

*Not victims' real names

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