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Don't be so shy, deer

By Victoria O'Hara

A reindeer has suffered an attack of 'low elf esteem' during a festive appearance for an Ulster charity.

Bambi the reindeer was set to launch a fundraising campaign in Ards Shopping Centre, but delayed the event by refusing to leave her pen.

She travelled to Ards yesterday to promote the sachets of magic reindeer food on behalf of the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice. One of the organisers of the event said she was a bit scared by the crowds and was in no way being 'Rude'-olph.

"There was a delay as Bambi was meant to come to Santa's Grotto, but she got a bit scared so we decided to keep her in the pen," the spokeswoman said.

"There was quite a large crowd of people and we just wanted to do what was best for Bambi."

However, after a short delay the launch went ahead after the reindeer was soothed by former Miss Northern Ireland Lucy Evangelista, who was also backing the campaign.

"She stayed in the pen and Lucy stroked her and she seemed to calm down.

"She had the magic touch!" she added.

Ken McGavock, centre manager, said there has already been support for the campaign. He said: "We have hundreds of children who visit Santa and we wanted to give something back by supporting the hospice."

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