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Don't even think about it, Lawrie!

Northern Ireland football fans last night delivered a stinging verdict on Lawrie Sanchez's forthcoming interview for the vacant Republic's manager job.

Regulars at the Northern Ireland Supporters' Club on Belfast's Shankill Road, made their views known to the Belfast Telegraph after learning the team's former boss was throwing his hat into the Republic ring.

Jean McNirlan, (67), from Canmore Court, thinks Lawrie Sanchez could have seen the Northern Ireland squad through the world cup.

"The Republic is welcome to him especially if he does to them what he did on us. I'm bitter because he let us down very badly," she said.

Jean suggested the rivalry between the two sides "will always be there" and said: "If he gets the job fair play to him but we will come up better because we have a good man now".

Samuel Wells (69) from Brookemount is not confident about Sanchez's Republic hopes: "No way will he get the job, I don't think he'll ever get a job again".

Samuel suggested Fulham FC was a bad step and questioned the former Northern Ireland manager's ability.

"He's not worthy of the premier league. He didn't win very many matches at Fulham, why don't a second or third division team take him? He hasn't had any offers from anywhere".

A view not held by fellow Northern Ireland fan James Armstrong: " Sanchez should go down in history for his attitude and capabilities. He is a great manager in his own right".

James said: "Sanchez would be a brilliant asset for the Republic side, which is good for all of Ireland".

A view supported by Raymond Miller, who continued to say: "Sanchez is a brilliant manager, I wish him luck".

Jackson Orr, (50), believed Lawrie Sanchez did a great job for Northern Ireland and insisted politics should not be an issue in this matter.

"I guess it just depends what side of the border you live on, whether you think this a good move or not.

"I'm Northern Ireland all the way but can't bring religion into sport. As long as a manager creates a winning team, that's the important thing" .

Billy Davidson thinks San- chez's application for the job is a 'disgrace'. " He was well treated when he was here, the supporters loved him, the club loved him and the country loved him".

Billy commented on the possible historic significance if Sanchez was to get the job, making him the first person to manage teams on both sides of the Irish border.

"If Sanchez brought the Irish side to Windsor Park he would definitely get a hard welcome," said 71-year-old Billy, who was very surprised Sanchez "threw his cap in" for the job: "If he gets the chance to bring the Republic up, I hope Northern Ireland stuffs them," added Billy.

Christy O'Boyle, (35), who branded Sanchez a "traitor", said: " If he gets the job there aren't going to be very many happy Northern Ireland supporters, it would be very hostile if he came up to Windsor Park with an Irish team.

"I mean, he walked out on this country in the middle of a championship."

Christy added: "Perhaps if Northern Ireland had qualified he may have had his choice of jobs".

Sammy Toan said the whole idea of Sanchez applying to the Republic is " a load of rubbish" and suggested it is all about "greed".

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