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Drainage gets £1m revamp in neighbourhoods at risk

The Rivers Agency has tackled flooding in three Belfast neighbourhoods with a £1 million scheme to upgrade three culverts.

Over the years, the areas around Lansdowne Road in north Belfast, Downshire Park in east Belfast and the Ferndene area of Dundonald had been hit by flooding when water escaped from the underground streams during periods of heavy rain.

The defective culverts have now been upgraded to protect nearby properties from flooding from Mount Vernon Stream in north Belfast, Rochester Avenue Stream in Downshire, east Belfast, and Ferndene Stream in Dundonald.

Rivers Agency engineering director Pat Aldridge said: “We have undertaken work to improve the drainage infrastructure by repairing these defective culverts. Properties in the vicinity of the three sites, which previously were at risk from flooding from the underground streams, will now benefit from improved protection.”

Rivers Agency looks after a 340- kilometre network of underground watercourse culverts throughout Northern Ireland and carried out similar repairs to defective culverts in Dromore, Moneymore, Coalisland and Belfast last year, helping to reduce the risk of flooding.

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