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Drink and drugs nearly killed me says fallen Gazza

Troubled Paul Gascoigne has revealed how drink and drugs nearly killed him in 2008, which he described as his worst year ever.

The former Spurs and England star said he was on the last of his lives.

In an interview with the Sun newspaper, Gazza said: “This is my last chance.

“2008 was a terrible year for me, my worst year ever.

“The drink and drugs nearly killed me, not once but a few times. And getting sectioned was the worst thing ever.

“I know I can never drink again otherwise it will kill me.”

An “unflinching” Channel 4 documentary will be shown on Monday entitled Saving Gazza, described as a moving account of what it is like for his family to cope with an alcoholic, mentally ill father.

Gazza’s son Regan features in the programme, saying: “If I could wish, I would wish that he would go away from us. He’s probably going to die soon.”

Gazza described his son’s taking part to the newspaper as “beyond belief”, saying: “I’m not going to watch the programme.”

He said he did not blame Regan, adding: “He is my son and I love him and I always will.”

But a source said today that Gazza was shown in the documentary with his son and he was aware that the cameras were with Regan.

According to the Sun, Gazza has been off alcohol for a month and is undergoing a fitness regime.

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 said: “The film is an intimate portrait of the Gascoigne family as they struggle to cope with an alcoholic and mentally ill father and ex-husband.

“The filming took part over last summer and reveals the heartache, chaos and fear that Sheryl (Gascoigne’s ex-wife) and the children face every day.

“The film was made with the full co-operation of Sheryl and the children.

“They have seen the final film and are happy with the way their story has been told.”

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