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Drunk officer waved loaded police handgun in the air

A former police officer was put on probation for a year after he admitted waving his loaded police issue Glock handgun around during a drunken incident.

Newry Crown Court heard that two women in Barcroft Park in the city heard loud engine revving noises coming from the back of their houses and went out to investigate, only to be confronted by 28-year-old part-time police constable Martin Gerard Agnew “laughing and shouting” as he waved the gun around in his right hand.

Prosecution lawyer Geraldine McCullough said Agnew, whose address was given as c/o Ardmore PSNI Station, appeared to point the gun towards the petrified ladies before he “began swinging it around on his finger”.

Officers were called to the scene and Agnew was arrested a short time later, but the gun was not with him as his sister had taken it away. Ms McCullough told the court when the officers went to his home to seize it they found it was fully loaded.

Agnew was not fit to be interviewed until the next day because he was drunk but when questioned he “frankly admitted” that he had been driving and had the gun with him, but denied pointing it at anyone.

The former officer, who has since resigned from the police, claimed he had gone to Barcroft Park in an effort to get the attention of his former girlfriend who also lived there.

He later pleaded guilty to charges of driving with excess alcohol and to possessing the loaded Glock pistol in a public place on September 29 last year.

Defence QC Gregory Berry said the incident, which was wholly out of Agnew’s character, was born out of a “fairly stormy breakdown” in the relationship.

Describing it as “somewhat out of the ordinary,” Judge Kevin Finnegan QC banned Agnew from driving for a year, fined him £100 and ordered him to pay £750 to each of the women he frightened.

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