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Dublin bouncer bit off man's earlobe after tests for mad cow disease

A bouncer who bit part of a man's ear off, because he was depressed about being told he may have a form of mad cow disease, will be sentenced in December.

Ken Broe (36), of North Frederick Street, Dublin 1, beat Karl Philips to the ground outside Heaven Nightclub in Blanchardstown on October 23, 2007, before biting his earlobe off.

He later told gardai he was depressed at the time because he was told he had been given contaminated blood containing the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), the human form of mad cow disease.

Garda Barry Manton said Broe's eight previous convictions included assault, public order offences and criminal damage and he was currently in custody in connection with a separate alleged assault.

Broe pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Mr Philips at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Defence counsel Damien Colgan said Broe was in a position to offer compensation to the victim because he had part-ownership of a gym but could not raise the money if he was in custody.

Judge Katherine Delahunt granted him bail to get the money together and adjourned sentencing until December when Mr Colgan will present Broe's mitigation.

Garda Manton said that Mr Philips arrived at the nightclub on October 23, 2007 but was refused entry.

Mr Philips and Broe got into a verbal argument during which he said to Broe: "You'd love to kick the b***** out of me but you can't because of the cameras."

Garda Manton said that at this point, Broe walked around the corner and signalled for Mr Philips to follow him. They began a fist fight and Mr Philips was punched to the ground where Broe continued to hit him before leaning over his head and biting his earlobe off.

The victim said he felt pressure on the side of his head and heard a "crunching sound" followed by severe pain. Broe fled and gardai arrived shortly after.

Gardai picked him up near Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and he admitted the assault during interview. He said he was depressed because of the blood tests and that he didn't remember biting Mr Philips' ear off.

He told gardai: "Again I'm really sorry. I hope the CCTV clears up the ear thing, the cameras don't lie."

A victim impact report indicated that Mr Philips suffered minimal psychological damage from the assault. He had reconstructive surgery on his ear but the lobe is still missing.

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