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Dublin council paid Iris’s ex-advisor for consultancy

By Claire Murphy

Dublin City Council shelled out almost €1,500 a day in consultancy fees to the whistleblower in the Iris Robinson affair.

It paid Dr Selwyn Black €30,500 (£26,700) to facilitate “a review of the council's Staff Support Service”.

Dr Black hit the headlines as the whistleblower who revealed details of Iris Robinson's affair last December.

Mrs Robinson quit public life after it emerged that she had an affair with businessman Kirk McCambley, who was aged 19 at the time.

Dr Black was the political advisor to Mrs Robinson and saved hundreds of texts sent to him by the ex-DUP MP.

It was revealed that Dr Black's company, Apheideo Associates, was awarded a £42,120 contract by Belfast City Council. Dublin City Council has now confirmed that it paid €1,455 (£1,275) per day for the 21 days consultancy provided by Dr Black.

Dr Black's solicitor said that he did not wish to comment about the contract with the Dublin council.

The psychiatrist started working for Iris Robinson as a political adviser in January 2008.

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