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DUP man urges religious fightback against 'No God' campaign

By Sam Lister

Christian groups have been urged by a senior DUP politician to launch a counter-strike to the “There is Probably No God” bus advertising campaign.

Gregory Campbell wants alternative adverts that add: “But What If There Is?” in response to the British Humanist Association’s (BHA) posters, which were launched in London and will be used across the UK.

The organisation wants to spread a “humanised” message that people should “stop worrying and start enjoying life”.

Mr Campbell, MP for East Londonderry, tabled an Early Day Motion in Parliament highlighting that “the rationale behind it is that people can be less careful about their lifestyle choices and general approach to life's consequences by discounting the likelihood of a Creator and an afterlife”.

The Atheist Bus Campaign was launched in response to Christian adverts that featured web links to sites that said non-Christians would burn in hell for all eternity. The BHA — which describes itself as a national charity representing people who seek to live good lives without religious beliefs — tells people there is absolutely no reason to worry about not being religious. It declined to comment on the motion, also backed by Independent MP Bob Spink and Conservative Nicholas Winterton.

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