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Eames and Bradley to outline Troubles report findings to PM

Lord Eames and Denis Bradley will discuss their report with the Prime Minister in London today.

The authors of a major report on how to deal with the legacy of the Troubles are to outline their findings to the Prime Minister today.

Co-chairmen of the Consultative Group on the Past, Lord Eames and Denis Bradley, will meet Gordon Brown at Downing Street ahead of the report’s publication next Wednesday.

It is understood the group will propose the creation of a commission to examine unsolved murders during the conflict.

However, it has denied speculation that any form of amnesty will be offered to paramilitaries who engage with the process.

Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward will accompany former Church of Ireland primate Lord Eames and Mr Bradley, the former deputy chairman of the region’s Policing Board, to Number 10 for the meeting.

The group was asked by the Government in 2007 to compile independent recommendations on dealing with outstanding issues from the Troubles.

It the last 18 months it consulted widely on how best to secure a new future for Northern Ireland and its members had access to sensitive information relating to the conflict.

They also held talks with former and current members of paramilitary groups.

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