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Ed Miliband No 10 bid blessed by Hindu saint

Ed Miliband was told he is "definitely" going to win the General Election next week after he was blessed by a Hindu saint during a visit to north London.

The Labour leader and wife Justine, who was in traditional Indian dress, were given backing from spiritual leaders as they attended a celebration ceremony at the Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Willesden.

After the couple were presented with garlands, senior saint Swami Santi Priya Das gave Mr Miliband a blessing and wished him luck for May 7.

Bipin Gami, a volunteer at the temple, told Mr Miliband: "You are definitely going to win now, you've received a blessing from the top."

The solicitor said the temple has a history of bringing Labour politicians good luck at the ballot box, including Paul (now Lord) Boateng, former minister Tony McNulty and ex-home affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz.

He told Mr Miliband: "We just want to wish you all the best of luck next week.

"We have actually got a long history of Labour politicians coming in and receiving good luck here."

Mr Miliband told devotees at the temple, which is one of the oldest in the UK, that a Labour government would always be "outward looking" and would work with international allies, including India's prime minister Narendra Modi.

He added: "I will value my relationship with the Hindu community throughout Britain."

The Labour leader pledged to "break down the barriers that there are to advancement in every community", and insisted he would fight for "real equality" not just equality in law.

He added: "I know there is a huge challenge of making sure we have got equal representation in our country, that we look like the country we seek to serve.

"For me and the Labour Party this is a battle that is not yet won because until we look like the country we seek to serve, not simply a number of representatives but a truly representative set of representatives, then I know my work won't be completed."

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