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Ballymoney High School

Tayto gangsters. The Concept – Our product is based on a Gangster Theme which we feel will attract the teenage market. The flavour is chilli and cheese to represent the hot & cool aspects of our theme. Tayto could add additional hot and cool flavours to this brand in the future.

Our packaging will include Mr. Tayto in a Bentley car, wearing a trilby hat and gangster clothing with a tommy gun.

The team have put a lot of energy into this competition. We originally went with two ideas Shapes as an educational theme and Gangsters to attract the right audience. However, it was clear upon visiting Tayto Castle that the shapes were unlikely. So back to the design board our Gangster theme.

Our artwork is well under-way although not complete. The package will be both eye-catching and the use of quiz/ game style competitions on the back will encourage the target market to purchase. We our open to suggestions regarding the style of crisp as this flavour should fit with any of Tayto’s current brands.

The girls from Ballymoney High School deserve your vote because we believe that our idea is practical for production processes and the flavour is new to the market. The concept upon which they base the idea as a different theme which will appeal to the market and provides an opportunity for Tayto to move with the product relatively soon.

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