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Banbridge Academy: 'Mum owes me £100 for my A in Physics'

Banbridge Academy

Catherine McGrath and Phoebe Morgan
Catherine McGrath and Phoebe Morgan
Evan Calvert
Sam Burke
Julia Knox

Mairead Holland

It was a day of excitement and nerves as pupils arrived to collect their much-anticipated GCSE results at Banbridge Academy.

Among them was Evan Calvert (16) from Dromore, who declared himself "very happy" with his tally of five As, two Bs and three C*s.

Evan is planning to return to the school to study for A-levels in Maths, Physics, Technology and Design (three of the subjects he scored As in) as well as Geography.

Having already attended a few open days at Queen's University Belfast he has his sights set on doing a degree in Electrical Engineering there.

"My dad is a civil engineer and I would help him out in the office," he said.

Sam Burke (16) from Moira said his results of seven As, two Bs and a C* were a result of working consistently and getting his revision done early.

He is returning to the academy to study for A-levels in Maths, Digital Technology, Spanish and Biology, all of which he achieved A grades in.

Sam is considering a career in computing, but at this stage is not planning on going to university.

"There is quite a lot of money in the computing sector and my dad has been looking at apprenticeships that would suit me," he said.

Julia Knox (16, right) from Banbridge, whose favourite subjects are Chemistry and Biology, hit the jackpot with eight A*s and one A, putting her among the school's top 18 highest achievers.

She plans to continue both subjects at A-level, along with Maths and Psychology.

Like her sister, who has just finished her first year at university in Bristol, Julia wants to pursue a career in medicine. She said: "I am also planning to go to a couple of hospitals on work experience next year."

Phoebe Morgan (16) from Dollingstown was surprised but delighted with her grades of four A*s and six As.

With a career in dentistry in mind, she has chosen Chemistry and Biology for A-level along with Art, and also plans to do French to AS-level.

"I have it all planned out," she laughed. "My cousins are doctors and they advised me to do dentistry instead because the hours are better. My mum told me she would give me £100 if I got an A in Physics.

"She thought her money was safe, but it looks like she'll have to pay up now!"

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