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Belfast ‘second most expensive place in UK to study’

Belfast is the second most expensive UK city in which to study, an annual student poll suggested today.

The research, which analysed weekly student expenditure, including rent and living costs against earnings from part-time work, revealed London is the most cost-effective. York is at the bottom of the list for the second year in a row, with Belfast one place above it, in 24th place.

Students in London were earning on average £5,024.40 per year (£167.48 per week), with hourly wages of £9.91. Undergraduates in Dundee, the second most cost-effective city worked the most (16 hours per week), but their hourly earnings were just £6.52, according to the findings of the seventh NatWest Student Living Index.

Students in Southampton worked the least each week, with

just over 11 hours on average spent earning extra cash.

The latest poll of 2,500 undergraduates from 25 university cities found more than one in five students (22%) were choosing their place of study on factors such as cost of living, proximity to home and earning potential.

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