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Case study: Revision Strategies - Peter Maguire


Peter Maguire

Peter Maguire

Peter Maguire

When I was asked to describe my past experiences and the revision strategies I used in securing success at GCSE , I initially jumped at the chance – yes, I had a Chemistry AS1 paper to complete in addition to the ever growing mass of work lying neglected under my desk.. . But with effective time management, I knew I could manage each task...

Firstly, there is no magic formula regarding exam success- but attitude, application and attention to detail worked for me! Rather than seeing the learning as a chore, I enjoyed the challenges. A positive mindset was paramount in every subject. Allow me to offer some practical suggestions.

  • Revise a little bit every night- that way you take the sting out of the looming exam date and it also allows you to gain confidence in your knowledge and ability;
  • Familiarise yourself with each GCSE syllabus and tick off the things you know- the things you don’t, ask the experts, aka your teachers;
  • Listen to your teachers; they are on your side, however dubious that fact may seem;
  • Every moment is a golden opportunity to prove yourself – don’t waste time;
  • Constant effort and commitment is required for you to feel good about your work, as it can be that positive state of mind which can help you when needed most;
  • Don’t listen to all of the hype about the exams – while they can be a big deal, the exams are only (usually) pieces of paper – it is simply up to you to fill in the blanks;
  • Sleep is far more important than an extra few minutes of study at night, so get into a healthy sleeping pattern and stick to it;
  • Remember that time will go on long after the exams are over – don’t dread them like they’re the end of the world!
  • These tips worked for me- arrived at because of trial and error. You should different techniques and find what works for you. Everyone can learn and everyone can succeed!

    P.S. As explicitly stated in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy “DON’T PANIC!”


    My name is Peter Maguire, and I am a student in Lower Sixth at St Mary’s Grammar school, Magherafelt. I am currently studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for A level – I have completed modules in a few subjects in January, and I am preparing to sit my first major set of modules in the summer exams.

    I am working hard for this upcoming spate of tests, but I also find it important to pursue hobbies and interests- like football, reading or even just watching TVa healthy work/life balance is key to success!

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