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Catholic schools review on track

A detailed analysis of responses to wide-ranging and radical plans for the Catholic school estate across Northern Ireland is almost complete.

The director of the Northern Ireland Commission for Catholic Education's (NICCE) Post-Primary Review has confirmed to the Belfast Telegraph that a report will soon be published to set out the potential next steps.

The area projects proposed earlier this year will — if agreed — dramatically reduce the total number of Catholic schools.

The plans are all based on the key directive from NICCE that every Catholic grammar school in Northern Ireland should begin phasing out academic selection and stop using it at all by 2012.

They also include suggested amalgamations and for some schools to move from single-sex to mixed-sex education.

Post-Primary Review director Gerry Lundy said: “A detailed analysis of all the responses received is nearing completion.

“This is very much the first stage in seeking to deliver a new vision for post-primary education in the years ahead.”

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