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Clear sign pupils are keenly focused on making world a better place

How would you make the world a better place?

Some of our local students had their say yesterday at Northern Ireland's first young social innovation event at Belfast City Hall.

Students from Belfast joined students from Co Donegal and Co Louth and proved that you don't have to be old to be wise. From bullying to drug use, the 180 sixth formers tackled a range of social problems with innovative solutions.

Rachel Wilson (16), a student from Bloomfield Collegiate, Belfast, said: "I wish more people knew to speak out."

Speaking to students at the event, the programme's chairman and co-founder, Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, said: "Your creative and energetic approach is vital to changing society." Curtis Coggle (17) of Belfast Boys' Model School told how students have turned discarded exam papers and books into bricks that can be used in a fire.

"Our class noticed that the amount of paper thrown out at school is ridiculous," he said.

Caoimhe Bonner (15), of Rosses Community College, Donegal, said: "I have friends who have struggled with telling people about their sexuality.

"People's minds need to be changed so that everyone can feel accepted."

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