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Derry Nerve Centre seeking creative students

By Garrett Hargan

The Nerve Centre in Londonderry is seeking new students with an interest in the creative industries as it gears up for a new term.

Full-time courses start in the first week of October and they continue to attract students from all over Ireland, the UK and further afield.

Creative Industries professionals bring years of tried and tested experience of studio engineering, live performance, recording, songwriting, festival and television production into and out of the classroom through engaging, participatory lessons, tutorials and seminars.

There are music performance and technology and music production courses, providing students with a comprehensive hands-on approach in skills including song-writing, digital music composition, mixing and live sound as well as making and recording music in a modern studio.

For those more interested in creating meaningful moving-image and photography there are creative media and video techniques courses on offer.

A suite of units is geared towards giving students a good working knowledge of industry standard software/hardware, procedures and their application.

Martin McGill, music programme manager at the Nerve Centre said students will have an abundance of resources at their disposal.

Anyone interested in applying can download forms from or contact the centre at 028 7126 0562.

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