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Don’t panic if you don’t get the grade you expected

Question: I don’t think my grades are right, what can I do?

Answer: You should contact your centre (school/college) about using CCEA’s enquiries about results service. All enquiries must come from your centre.

Question: Is it worthwhile applying for a remark?

Answer: Contact your centre for advice. It has information about the marks you got for each paper you sat and the grade boundaries for each subject. Your teachers are the best people to advise you. All requests for re-marks must be submitted by your centre.

Question: Can I see my completed exam paper?

Answer: If you would like to see your examination papers, ask your examinations officer who will request these from CCEA through the Access to Scripts Service.

Question: What are the costs?

Answer: A clerical re-check and a statement of marks for all components taken in a subject is £10. A re-mark of an externally assessed component (ie a script or other assessed item) for an individual candidate, including a clerical re-check and a break down of marks for that component/unit is between £18.45 and £24.30

A re-moderation of the centre’s original coursework/controlled assessment sample, with a report on the re-moderation provided for the centre’s information is £131.35

Question: How long will it take?

Answer: The outcome of the clerical check and re-mark will be reported to your centre within four weeks of receiving your request.

Question: What happens if my papers are checked and I get more marks?

Answer: You may get an upgrade, but only if the additional marks bring your mark up to the next grade boundary. If you get an upgrade the fee you have paid will be refunded.

Question: What happens if my papers are checked and I get fewer marks?

Answer: You may get a downgrade, but only if the decrease in marks brings your mark below the lower grade boundary. If you get a downgrade the fee you have paid will be refunded.

Question: I was ill during an examination and my school has requested special consideration for me. Will this be shown on my results?

Answer: No

Question: Can I resit my exams to try and get a better grade?

Answer: Yes but you must be entered by a registered centre (school or college). If you are still at school ask them for more details. If you have left school you will need to find a centre willing to register you. You cannot enter directly with CCEA.

Question: When can I resit?

Answer: Candidates can resit GCE AS/A2 exams in both January and June as long as the unit is offered. However, it the GCE unit they wish to resit is a coursework component centres will not normally accommodate this request as they are unable to verify the work.

GCSE subjects are not suited to someone looking to resit as an external candidate due to the new controlled assessment regulations. The only current GCSE subjects without an element of controlled assessment are GCSE maths and religious studies.

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