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Double success as twins shine at St Dominic’s

By Natalie Fleming

It was a double celebration at St Dominic's Grammar School yesterday as two sets of twins received 18 A*s and 17 As between them in their GCSEs.

Aisling and Niamh McGarrity and Seainin and Colleen Maxwell walked into the west Belfast school on Thursday morning just hoping they'd passed their exams so they could do their A-Levels.

Niamh opened the envelope to find she had seven As and one A*.

“I was so happy. I really didn't expect what I got,” she said.

Sister Aisling was equally surprised when she saw she had 5 As and 2 A*s.

“I feel so happy but I'm shocked, happily shocked and very proud. At least we know that all the hard work we put in has paid off,” she added.

The girls, who are not identical, studied different subjects.

The happiness doubled at the Falls Road school when 16-year-old twins Seainin and Colleen Maxwell picked up their results alongside their mother.

Seainin is hoping to go on to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and French after discovering she had received six A*s and four As in her GCSEs.

Sister Colleen, studied the same subjects but also did Spanish as another language, and obtained nine A*s and one A, joking that: “The A was in French, I don't know what happened there.”

She also wants to go on to study Biology and Chemistry at A-Level along with Maths and Further Maths.

Colleen said: “I feel really happy and proud of my results, I really didn't think I would do as well as I have.”

Proud mother Sandra Maxwell, said: “They have always worked hard and done well. It is a big thank you to the school for how well they have done.”

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