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Ex-head of civil service to serve on new education board

By Rebecca Black

A former head of the Civil Service is among 20 people appointed to serve as board members for the new Education Authority.

The massive public body will start work on April 1, taking over the functions of the existing five education boards.

Former Derry City Council chief Sharon O'Connor has been appointed chair of the body that will run schools across Northern Ireland. It will have an annual budget of £1.5bn and 37,000 employees.

Among the 20 board members announced yesterday was Gerry Loughran, a former head of the Civil Service and Secretary to the Executive.

He was nominated by the Governing Bodies Association to represent the interests of voluntary grammar schools.

These board members will be paid £8,800 per annum plus travel and subsistence expenses for a time commitment of around five days each month.

This is less remuneration than members of the previous five boards received, which was £10,000 per annum.

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