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Fifth of graduates paid 'A-level salaries'

One in five university graduates earn less than someone only educated to A-level standard, statistics suggest.

New research published by the Office for National Statistics reveals that the pay gap between degree-educated employees and those with GCSEs or A-levels is closing.

Between October and December last year a fifth (20%) of employees with the minimum of a university degree were earning less than someone holding A-levels.

And around one in six (15%) employees with at least a degree were also earning less than the average of someone who was only educated to GCSE level.

Overall, graduates still tend to earn more than their colleagues who finished their education earlier in life.

But the pay gap was smaller in 2010 than it was in 1993.

Workers who hold A-levels or equivalent qualifications were earning 15% more than those with GCSEs last year, down from 18% more in 1993.

The figures also show that the percentage of people who have a degree has risen from 12% in 1993 to 25% in 2010.

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