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Food and drink: Newspapers in education, week four

This article has been specially written for thousands of pupils from across Northern Ireland who are doing the Belfast Telegraph cross-curricular project themed on Food and Drink. During the six week project we will focus on celebrating food and drink produced in Northern Ireland, look at specific products, popular recipes, healthy eating and drinking and how food plays a big part in fictional children's stories.

Have a sip...

Water plays a huge part in everyone's lives. Without it we wouldn't survive.

Your body has important jobs and water is required to do many of them.

You need it to digest your food properly and to be able to go to the toilet.

It also helps prevent illness.

Most of your blood is water and water is also in lymph. Blood and lymph travel around your body fighting off infections - they are part of what is called your immune system.

On average a person should drink around two litres of water a day. That doesn't mean you having six or seven glasses each day because water is also in tea, coffee, juices, soft drinks and food, such as fruit and vegetables and even chicken, fish and bread.

There are times when we need more water such as in hot weather, during and after exercise or sport or when we are suffering from a cold, fever or other illness.

When you do not drink enough water you become dehydrated which can slow you down in mind and body and maybe even make you sick.

It is safe to drink water from your taps at home, though some people use water filters to remove any traces of chemicals or other substances that may be present.

You can also buy water in the shops. Water companies add chlorine to our drinking water to disinfect it and prevent bacteria breeding in it. Fluoride is added to water to make our teeth more resistant to decay.

If you are not sure that water is safe it is best to boil it to take away the germs.

Milk is good for your bones

Milk is the favourite drink for many children. Not only is it tasty and perfect for breakfast cereal but it is also very good for you.

It is a great source of calcium which is a mineral needed to build healthy bones and teeth and maintain many of the basic functions of the human body.

There is no other drink around that contains as many natural nutrients.

There are different types of milk. Take a look in your fridge or in a shop and you may see whole milk or semi-skimmed milk and of course milk is the key ingredient when making milkshakes.

Did you know?

Did you know the stuff that comes out of a  runny nose is called mucus and is mostly made of water? It is important as it keeps noses, throats, ears and eyes smooth and slippery so that everything can run around your body without getting stuck. It’s also worth noting that sweat, another form of water, helps to cool our bodies.

Pupil Factfile

Name: Grace 

School: Silverstream P.S.

Age: 10

Class: P6

Favourite dinner to eat and why: Chinese because it’s spicy

Favourite food to make: cakes because it’s messy and worth it

Favourite sandwich filling: Chocolate spread

Favourite lunchbox treat: Oreos

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