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Four in 10 universities face cuts

Almost four in 10 universities will see their public funding slashed this year, new figures show.

Some 51 of England's 130 universities have received cuts in cash terms for 2010/11 compared to 2009/10, according to information published by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

The figures include an £82 million cut to teaching funding.

Among the biggest losers is the London Business School which has had its funding cut by 12% in cash terms for 2010/11, while the Courtauld Institute of Art's funding has been slashed by 11.2%.

This could be due to more research funding going to science-based subjects.

Cambridge University's funding has been cut by 0.1% in cash terms. Oxford University's has gone up by 0.8% in cash terms, but taking into inflation at around 3% they are facing a real terms cut.

Among the winners is Worcester University, which has seen its funding rise, in cash terms, by 19.3% for 2010/11.

But Worcester's vice-chancellor, Professor David Green, raised concerns that universities had been hit with financial penalties for over-recruiting students last year.

The Government put a cap on places, with universities fined £3,700 for each student they over-recruited.


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