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Inequality in schools is on the rise, says new report

By Lesley Houston

A new education report has revealed ongoing underachievement by working-class Protestant children, and wider poor performances by males.

The Equality Commission report suggested inequality in education has increased since 2007.

Some of the findings include that Protestants have persistently lower levels of achievement than Catholics at GCSE and A-level, and that gap has widened in recent years.

There are also fewer male school-leavers entering higher education than females.

DUP education spokesman Peter Weir said intervention measures should be introduced at pre-school age, rather than waiting until age 11.

"Inevitably this leads to the tired hobby horse of academic selection cited as the reason behind all educational problems," he said.

"Not only would its abolition be counterproductive but also it would be a dangerous distraction from where the most important interventions are needed."

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