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Inspections ‘key to raising standards’ in Irish language schools

Responding to the report in yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph, Education Minister Caitriona Ruane said: “My focus is on ensuring that every child in our education system receives a good education — that is what children deserve and what, as parents, we rightly expect.

“Inspection is a key part of the work we are doing to support schools and to raise standards.

“The Irish-medium sector is the fastest growing in the north of Ireland. Newly established IM schools face particular challenges, for example putting in place management arrangements that are already well established in existing schools and accessing curricular and other resources that, for too long, were not easily available.

“The thing that matters most is ensuring that all of the schools in the process are committed to improvement and are receiving the help and support they need. They and their pupils, parents and staff also need encouragement — not vilification in the media.

“It is worth noting that one of the Irish-medium schools has just been re-inspected, the school was found to have improved, and provision is now satisfactory.

“Therefore the first school that will exit the formal intervention process will be an Irish-medium school, and I look forward to all the other schools following suit.”

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