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Integrated College Dungannon.

Sassy, Sensational SEAVENTS. Tired of the usual flavours being displayed on the shelves of local shops and supermarkets, our school’s group of young enthusiastic innotaytors go together to come up with an exciting new range of flavours which would appeal to all ages and tastes.

The project, which was a joint venture between Young Enterprise and Tayto, has encouraged Year 9 students to be creative in their design of new packaging and flavours – an excellent way of engaging with the world of media and advertising, not to mention meeting the needs of the NI curriculum.

Having sat down together, the team soon got to work brainstorming ideas for the product range. We had to consider what the crisps would look like on the shelf and how the taste should be designed in order to appeal to the greatest possible number of consumers, knowing how much Northern Ireland people love their celebrations. The team arrived at the idea of creating a range which would cover the popular seasons and events in our calendar – Summer, Christmas, Hallowe’en and Easter.

These SEAVENTS as we like to call them were chosen because we all have a very positive memories of each and it is hoped that eating a bag of these crisps will help us to recall these memories and make the SEAVENTS that little bit more special.

Essentially, the designs we have produced are ones which have been driven by the people for the people. And so therefore we would encourage everyone to vote for our idea. You can guarantee that there is a flavour just right for you! Who could refuse a packet of party pumpkin flavoured crisps to remind us of Hallowe’en, or a packet of barbeque rib flavour bites to capture the essence of that long summer’s day?

Would you like to deny yourself the joy of curling up beside a Christmas log fire to eat a packet of turkey, stuffing and gravy flavoured crisps? Or, would you be the one who is daring enough to taste our mouth watering, melt-in-your mouth cream egg Easter moments?

The choice is endless. The choice is yours! Make ‘Sensational SEAVENTS’ the winner it really is!!!!!

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