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Jurassic lark for kids

Amanda Poole joins a group of schoolchildren for a sneak peek at museum’s new dinosaur exhibition

Youngsters from St Brigid’s Primary School in Cloughmills were among the first to see the incredible new spectacle which brings you face-to-face with life-size animatronic recreations of some of the scariest names from the world of dinosaurs.

The children were able to watch the dinosaurs move and roar, make the ground tremble, and defend their nests.

They also enjoyed examining real fossils including giant claws, footprints and even dinosaur poo.

Anne Henry, Primary 5/6 teacher at St Brigid’s, said that the boys and girls had a great day at the museum, based in the Botanic Gardens area of south Belfast.

“They’ve absolutely loved it,” she said.

“Dinosaurs are okay in books, but to see them like this is fantastic.

“The 3D aspect, the noise and the floor shaking was very good. They enjoyed that end of it.

“We will go back to the classroom, get our books out and look at it in a new light now.”

Anna Connolly (10), from Cloughmills, said that she thought Age Of The Dinosaur was “brilliant” and that it would appeal to both boys and girls.

“You wouldn’t expect it to be here,” she said.

“It’s really good. I thought it was brilliant. My brother would love it to bits, but it’s not just for boys.”

Maria Cooper (9), from Corkey, said: “I think that it’s fascinating.

“It lets you see what dinosaurs were really like. I was scared a bit, but then I found it really cool.

“You get told lots of fact from the olden days and you get to see lots of things. It’s fun. I want to learn all about them now.”

Maeve Henry (9), from Loughguile, said that she thought the model dinosaurs were ‘cool’. “Everyone would really enjoy them,” Maeve said. “It’s really educational and cool to come and see and a great place to bring your family.

“It was a wee bit scary when I first walked in, but then it was awesome.

“I definitely want to learn more about dinosaurs.”

Kevin McAuley (9), from Cloughmills, thought that the exhibition was “very good”.

“It was pretty scary,” he added.

“I liked learning about the dinosaurs.”

Ellie Watson (9), also from Cloughmills, said that she would definitely like to come back to see the exhibition again.

“I think it’s really fun,” the young pupil said.

“It was a wee bit scary, but I liked it.”

Sean Reid (9), from Cloughmills, said it was “fun and scary at the same time”.

“It’s my first time in the museum,” he added.

“I will definitely be back. I didn’t know a single thing about dinosaurs before and definitely want to learn more.”

Chloe Magill (9), from Cloughmills, said the floor shaking in one of the rooms was fun.

“It’s very realistic,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.

“I’m going to tell all my friends and come back with my mummy and daddy.”


A family ticket for five people including a maximum of two adults is £18.95.

Adult tickets are £6.95, children aged four-11 pay £3.95 and under threes go free.

For £35, a family ticket gets you access to the Age Of The Dinosaur exhibition at the Ulster Museum, the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum and the Ulster American Folk Park.

And for £25 your family will get access to Age of the Dinosaur plus one of the two other exciting venues.

The exhibition runs until September 16. For more information visit

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