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Little Reporters Competition: Crawfordsburn Primary School

All 30 of Louise Meharg's P5 class got involved in the Translink competition, with their entry focusing on how environmentally friendly it was to use a bus, the affordability of it, as well as the ease of walking the short distance from their school to the village bus stop.

"We use Translink a lot, and now that the children are in P5, they tend to plan the journeys themselves," says Louise. "It's brilliant for us because we just walk down to the Main Street and hop on the bus - it's very easy.

"It also means we can keep the costs down for parents because we don't have to book the coach."

Previous trips for the well-travelled class include a visit to Bangor to meet the Mayor and a trip to CS Lewis Square. The project was given to the class as a fun homework, and inspired by being Little Reporters, the class embraced the challenge.

"They love the windows being up high so they could get a really good view of the different elements of the journey, as well as meeting the different people who use the bus. They really enjoyed the freedom of just being able to hop on!

"The class are very environmentally aware, and we worked out that if 50 people are allowed on a bus, and how many mums and dads drive their car into Belfast every day, what impact that has on the environment.

"There was a lot of focus on the fact that they just have to walk a short distance to get onto the bus, and being able to use the bus lanes also made a difference.

"We also used the train to go to the Ulster Museum which they particularly enjoyed, because it only stops at train stations so they didn't get caught in any traffic jams.

"The competition encouraged the children to get out and see the world around them, and the IT skills they showed in putting together the entries were outstanding.

"I was hugely proud of all of their efforts, and we've put them all together in a book for the whole school to see."

What the judges said:

This was a very entertaining entry which linked well with the curriculum and we were very impressed by the use of a class survey on transport. Special mention to Hannah Jackson and Aogán Tormey and the Translink Journal, which showed a good writing style and feature format.

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