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Little Reporters Competition: Enniskillen Model Primary School

Both P5 classes in Enniskillen Model Primary School combined a trip from their home town to the Ulster Museum to produce their unique travel supplement as part of the competition.

Teacher Laura Courtney explained how they relished the opportunity to know more about the buses that are part of their everyday lives.

"We study Ancient Egyptians in P5, so we always go up to see Takabuti the mummy when we're at the Museum. There's generally a lot of excitement about the trip anyway, but the competition meant they were really fired up about the journey, and taking everything in.

"We live in an island town, so transport is important. It was a great opportunity to link in with that.

"It was all about getting them to look out the window, instead of concentrating on an electronic gadget, and watch the journey they're on so from that perspective it was a lovely project for them to work on.

"Following an initial discussion in class, the children took the project home for a couple of nights, then came together in group to finalise their ideas.

"One of the children came up with the idea of the travel supplement layout, and they were really creative when I told them to imagine they were a journalist.

"One of our Little Reporters interviewed his Dad who is a bus driver, and he talked to the class about what he'd found out from him, how he loved meeting different people getting on the bus, and the tourists who visit.

"Sometimes we forget that Enniskillen is surrounded by water, and there are a lot of bridges connecting, so that element of it was important because if we didn't have the buses to rural areas, people wouldn't be able to get into the town. They looked at all those elements and presented them in their own way.

"It's amazing when you brief them and let them go off, and they come back with their own ideas. It was very much their representation of it, and so much thought went into it."

What the judges said:

We loved reading about 'wee' blue bus trip, which had a comical and very honest vibe - in spite of the 'itchy seats' … the class still enjoyed their journey!

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