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Majority of students have a job to fund university

By Alison Kershaw

The majority of students now work while at university, but parents are also still a significant source of funding, according to a poll.

It also suggests that nearly three in five students are confident they will find work after graduating.

The Endsleigh 2014 student survey questioned more than 2,000 university and college students about their working life while studying. It found that 41% said that they do not have a paid job –indicating that 59% are working alongside their studies.

An analysis conducted by Endsleigh found that men were more likely to say they do not have a job, and that arts and humanities students are more likely to have a job during term time compared to those taking science subjects.

The top source of funding for students was a loan, chosen by 67%, the poll claims, with over half (52%) saying that they have financial help from their parents – making it the second most popular answer.

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