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Nick Clegg gets lesson on how to run tuck shop

By Donna Deeney

They say every day is a school day, but yesterday was a bit of a special one for the pupils of primary four and five at Oakgrove Integrated School in Londonderry.

It is not every day the Deputy Prime Minister pops in accompanied by an entourage of security men, photographers and TV cameras, but the children being taught by Mr Gill and Miss Quinn took it in their stride and behaved themselves.

In true integration tradition, flags were literally on the table in the P5 class where the children were busy colouring in flags associated with both communities. Miss Quinn explained to Mr Clegg that the lesson the children were learning was all about diversity of traditions, cultures, values and religions.

Pupil Mary Demirova impressed Mr Clegg with her explanation of why she loves her school, when she said: "We get to meet other people so we can express our differences and tell them what makes us special."

A strong advocate of entrepreneurship, Mr Clegg raised an eyebrow when he was told that the children had set up their own healthy tuck shop and in just two-and-a-half weeks had managed to make a very healthy profit of £978.47.

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