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Our Lady’s Grammar School, Newry

Our idea/design is for a new packet of crisps called ‘Celebrity VIPS’, meaning ‘ Celebrity Very Important Potato Sticks’. We would like to embrace celebrity culture and capture the imagination of all the people who love to follow reality TV and celebrity lives through magazines.

We have designed a packet that has Mr Tayto coming down the red carpet. The design of the packaging uses rich colours e.g. royal purple and sophisticated red all placed on silver reflective foil to add a hint of glamour to the event. The night sky is twinkling in the sky and our caption is ‘Shine like the Stars’. People should vote for our design as it is trendy, modern and in tune with popular culture. We have also made our design 75% less fat in order to promote the health conscious attitude of celebrities promoting healthy diets to young people whose eating habits are becoming a cause for concern. So vote for Our Lady’s and Shine like the Stars!

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