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Plagiarism software glitches give exam students extension to essay deadlines


Students in Northern Ireland are enjoying an unexpected extension to essay deadlines after software used to catch plagiarism stopped working.

The Turnitin software system, which is designed to prevent students from cheating, reported "service disruption" on Monday and Tuesday, affecting universities across the UK.

The problem meant that some students were given extra time to hand in coursework.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for Turnitin said the firm regretted the disruption and said the technical problems had now been resolved. The company said that the glitch only affected universities in the UK.

A tweet from Queen's University in Belfast warned students that there was an issue with the software.

"Problems with Turnitin website so you may experience difficulties submitting assignments. Staff from Turnitin are working to resolve it," it said.

Turnitin, which is used in the vast majority of UK universities, checks whether work submitted by students resembles that of material on the internet.

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