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Poll: Homework cancelled so go and enjoy sun, principal tells pupils - but do you agree?

By Staff Reporter

School's not quite out for summer - but written homework is, a headmaster has declared.

Markethill Primary School principal James Richardson told his pupils to put down their pens when they get home and enjoy the good weather.

And Mill Strand Integrated School on the Causeway Coast has also encouraged pupils to swap sums for sports and other outdoor activities during the good weather.

In a letter to parents, Markethill head Mr Richardson wrote: "As we enter the third term and the lighter evenings approach we wish to inform you that written homework will be stopping in Markethill Primary School.

"Children will continue with the learning aspects of homework - spelling and tables and reading homework, but written maths and literacy homework will not be set."

He added: "Instead can we encourage you to inspire your children to get outside and to get active; to go for walks or cycles; to spend time reading or drawing or playing with friends; to spend quality time with family or to find and develop a new hobby.

"We hope that you, our parents and our children enjoy this time together and will find it beneficial."

Laura Quinn posted a copy of the letter from the Co Armagh school on Facebook, where it received a positive response.

She wrote: "Now this school has got the right idea!

"This should be standard, don't you think?

"We have plenty of dull miserable days to spend inside doing homework but looking after the physical and mental health of the kids is just as important.

"Superb work Markethill Primary setting the example."

Others also welcomed the written homework 'ban'.

Andrea Mulligan wrote: "At last a school that understands children and family life."

And on Twitter, Iain McDowell wrote: "That's class, fair play, Mr Richardson! Must show this to my ma - that's the school where she learned her times tables!"

Coleraine mum Erin Higgins also revealed that Mill Strand school in Portrush had urged its Year Three pupils to enjoy the great outdoors while the good weather lasted.

In place of written homework, it set pupils practical homeworks to get them outside. The list of suggestions included camping out in the garden, making a den, planting seeds and going on a bike or scooter ride.

"Love my kids' school!" wrote Ms Higgins.

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