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Proud pupils set off on stroll through history to mark school's centenary

By Rebecca Black

There was an exciting step back in time for the children of St Joseph's Primary School in Crumlin as they celebrated the establishment's centenary.

The usual sweaters and schoolbags were swapped for flatcaps and shawls as youngsters from the nursery unit right up to P7 class dressed up to recreate how the very first pupils that attended the school a century ago would have looked.

Hundreds of the children then took part in a colourful parade through the village - the perfect opportunity to show off their costumes.

The teachers also took part in the fun during the parade, posing with blackboards on a float to add to the nostalgia of the day.

Residents and children from other schools in the area joined in the celebrations too as they watched the parade make its way through the village.

The school has been celebrating its centenary with a series of events since the start of the school year, and say they are looking forward to their next 100 years.

In December, they held 100 activities in the school to mark 100 days into the 100th year.

In March, they held a ceili for pupils, and in February a special photograph was taken of the entire school to record the moment for history.

The primary school has been chronicling the centenary events on its website and has spoken about looking forward to further celebrations throughout the year to mark 100 years of St Joseph's serving the local community.

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