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Pupil speaks out in defence of Crumlin Integrated College

Crumlin Integrated College pupil Jessica Friars emailed the Belfast Telegraph to defend her school.

She said: “Crumlin Integrated College is a school that does have potential, and the pupils in it enjoy attending the school.

“I have attended the school for five years, not only have the teachers supported me but have also encouraged me to do well.

“It has been said that the teaching is poor; I can assure you that it is most certainly not the case. Like all schools there is a small percentage of the teaching that is not up to scratch, but I can say with complete honesty, that the teaching is outstanding, and there is no one who could replace them, or do a better job.

“There is no denying that the school report was not great ... and like every school, inspectors give points on what has to be improved. The school’s grades are not perfect, but are higher than many other schools in Northern Ireland, this is because of the pupils’ determination and the support and care that each teacher supplies for every child,” she added.

“Our school is held together by the care we have for others, the school works together as a family to help those in need and to encourage each other.

“The school has been attacked by harsh words and people have not been given the full picture.

“As a pupil I know what the school is like and know the teachers and I would never want to attend any other school.

“The school may be in a bad state, but I can assure you that that will soon change, as everyone is determined to stick together and to bring the school back to the way it was.

“The school doesn’t deserve a bad name, as it has the best teachers a school could ask for and pupils who have confidence and who show support to each other and who are determined to get good GCSEs even after what has happened.”

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