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Queen’s reduces smoking areas on campus

Queen’s University has reduced smoking areas as part of its smoke free policy.

The policy, approved by the University Operating Board in June 2008, is an extension of the Northern Ireland legislation of April 2007, which bans smoking in enclosed public spaces and workplaces.

Implemented on January 1, 2009, this now means smoking at Queen’s is only permitted at designated shelters. These areas are limited to Chlorine Park, David Keir Building, Medical Biology Centre, Queen’s Film Theatre, Seamus Heaney Library and Elms Village.

The university’s policy outlines a breach of these rules will result in disciplinary action, which can result in a fine of up to £1,000, and it is the responsibility of Heads of School and Directors to enforce the policy.

Smoking accounts for one third of all cancers, killing 2,400 people each year — one in every six deaths in Northern Ireland.

Queen’s also offers support to those who wish to quit smoking in the New Year. The university’s Occupational Health Service can be contacted on 028 9097 5520. Guidance is also available from the Ulster Cancer Foundation at 40-44 Eglantine Avenue, 028 9066 3281.

The UCF holds an open group clinic every Wednesday between 7-9.00pm, and those wishing to quit are welcome without an appointment.

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