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St Joseph’s College Belfast

We have decided to create a video that takes on the element of a news flash. As a group we believe that this is the best way to make people young and old aware of our idea as it is a new and exciting element towards the Tayto brand.

Individually we are all going to take on different roles to act out.

Within the news report the scene is going to be set in the home of Mr tayto were he introduces the public to his wife and daughter who will each talk about the different characters of the Tayto family that will be associated with the different flavour of crisps created by Tayto.

Overall, we have decided to create the different characters to correspond to the different flavour of crisps as we feel that the Tayto brand has evolved. We feel that as Tayto is a family orientated business, the packaging of the crisps should also reflect this. Each of the characters that we have created are kid friendly, culturally and brand orientated and above all different to everything that is sold within the market today.

We would like people to vote for our school as we feel we have put a great amount of time and effort into our idea. We have never had the opportunity to be successful in a competition like this before. We have a new principal and he is constantly telling us to try our best in everything that we do, in school and out of school, and we would like him to be proud of us at working so hard to achieve success.

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