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Star Pupil: Elaine Kelly

Elaine Kelly, project co-ordinator Open Your Mind project

Where were you educated?

I went to Star of the Sea Primary School in Warrenpoint, Sacred Heart Grammar in Newry and University of Ulster, Jordanstown.

What was your favourite subject?

I always enjoyed humanities such as English and history but I also thoroughly enjoyed technology and design until GCSE. I really got a feel for sociology at A-Level and decided to continue this as my degree. I enjoy learning about other people and I feel this has underpinned my working life.

Are school days the best day of your life?

I think school does have a huge influence over defining the person you become. I enjoyed university rather than school, probably due to the independence.

Were you a teacher’s pet or a ‘naughty step’ pupil?

I was definitely not a ‘naughty step’ pupil, I generally toed the line — I always liked to keep under the radar at school rather than being in the limelight.

What is your best school memory?

I really enjoyed the opportunity to take part in the local feis — in particular the orchestra and choir — I feel this was a great opportunity to improve my own confidence.

Did any teacher have a positive influence on you?

I had two very influential teachers, my home economics teacher in third year and my A-Level teacher of sociology — both had a very positive influence on my school experience and in my own personal development.

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