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Support for our campaign just keeps growing

By Rachel Quigley

The strong public response to the Belfast Telegraph’s campaign to reach a solution over the schools transfer crisis kept building over the weekend as more people signed up to show their support.

Dozens of signatures were added to the petition outside CastleCourt as shoppers stopped to voice their encouragement. Their names were added to hundreds of people across Northern Ireland who have signed the Sit Down, Sort it Out petition since it was launched on Thursday.

Connor McCrory signed up saying: “I don’t have any children myself but I think it’s great to see the Belfast Telegraph actually do something to get something done. It’s a disgrace that it has even got this far.”

Although her four-year-old daughter will not be affected by the transfer confusion, Cathy Kustner wanted to support the campaign because she is training to be a teacher.

She said: “I’m training to be a primary school teacher and I’d like to think something will be sorted out by the time I start working. I’m glad someone is actually doing something to try and get them to come to a solution.” However Ms Kustner expressed her doubts over whether or not the politicians would actually |listen.

“It’s great to see someone take the responsibility but I don’t know if it will be successful or not. I doubt the Government can decide on anything at the minute. The politicians know what the public opinion is but they just don’t seem to care,” she added.

She was not alone in her scepticism. Lisa Bishop said: “I think it’s great that the Belfast Telegraph is taking it upon themselves to get something done but whether or not you manage to get anywhere with it is another thing. It won’t do any harm for someone to take responsibility.

“The education system here has always been excellent and I don’t know why they got rid of something without having something concrete to replace it. It’s not fair on the kids and it’s a big worry for the parents. It’s time the politicians and the executives realised that and did something about it.”

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