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Talks call on planned education cutbacks

A trade union group is to seek talks with the Department of Education to discuss any planned budget cutbacks.

The Education Trade Union Group, which is attached to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, wants to meet Permanent Secretary Paul Sweeney of the Department of Education.

The group wants to hear the department’s response on the Executive’s request for savings of £51.7m on current expenditure and £22m on capital expenditure in the education sector.

Tom Gillen, secretary of the Education Trade Union Group, said: “The group believes that it is essential it meets departmental officials at the highest level to obtain details of how the department intends to achieve additional savings of £73.3m without damaging the education sector and creating redundancies.

“It is essential that the trade union movement, on behalf of its members and the public, has an opportunity to establish some clarity on the department’s proposals.”

The Education Trade Union Group represents the ICTU’s affiliated trade unions in the education sector, which includes teachers and other support workers in schools across Northern Ireland.

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