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Teaching union raps 11-plus lobbyists

THE pro 11-plus lobby has been accused of "self-interest" by the Ulster Teachers' Union (UTU) on the eve of unregulated test results for grammar school places.

More than 14,000 primary seven pupils will receive the results today of tests they sat at 67 grammar schools here.

Avril Hall Callaghan, general secretary of the UTU, said yesterday that schools "should not be telling children that they aren't good enough to attend them".

"Yet again thousands of families across Northern Ireland are facing testing times as they debate the future education of their children – and let's not forget that it is the child, the 10-year-old – who is at the heart of this," she said.

"You have to wonder if those supporting this selective system have forgotten that in their pursuance of politics and self-interest.

"It begs the question whether in fact the pro 11-plus lobby have the children's and parents' best interests at heart after all."

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