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Top tips for raising your grade in English GCSE exams


Claire Rimmer

Claire Rimmer

Claire Rimmer

Clare Rimmer is the one of the Directors of Kip McGrath Lisburn, a maths and English tuition centre for children aged 6 to 16.  Clare has been teaching for 12 years and the Kip McGrath Centre has been opened since 2007 providing academic support and exam preparation.

1. P.E.E – make your Point, give some Evidence for your point and then Explain how this evidence supports your point.

2. Read the passage carefully and thoroughly.

3. Then read the questions and highlight any keywords that might help you find where the evidence might come from in the passage.

4. Read the passage again and highlight the keywords, phrases, headings etc that relate to the questions.

5. Look at what marks are allocated to each question.  Do not spend 10 minutes answering a question worth 2 marks and 2 minutes answering a question worth 10 marks!

6. Think about how long you can should spend on each question and try to stick to your timetable.

7. Remember if you are quoting from the passage you have read, use quotation marks.

8. Reread the question after you have answered it and check you have covered all the points asked for.

9. Don't copy large chunks out of the text to answer a question.

10. Remember P.Q.R.S – Passage, Questions, Re-read and Search for evidence.

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