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Transfer test results: Don't miss Belfast Telegraph's Year 8 school intake guide

Find out the scores accepted by Northern Ireland's grammar schools last year

This weekend transfer test results are released and in Friday’s Belfast Telegraph we reveal which scores each grammar school in Northern Ireland accepted last year.

Find out how your child’s results may affect their ability to get accepted to their chosen grammar school. It is more than a decade since the 11-plus was abolished - but unofficial transfer tests are still growing in popularity in Northern Ireland.

Over half of P7 pupils sit tests each year in the hope of getting a place at an academically selective grammar school.

On Friday 24 January, the Belfast Telegraph will reveal the lowest grades or scores it took to get into each selective grammar last September.

Leona O'Neill has compiled the at-a-glance guide which is a must-read for every parent. It comes on the eve of pupils receiving their transfer test grades and scores this Saturday.

Read last year's list here: NI Transfer Tests: 2018 schools’ intake and grade information

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